Charles Parker

Often hard to come by, Charles Parker falls among the triple threats of the music industry. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, the talented musical connoisseur caters to an assortment of genres with a flavorful palate for quintessential music. His dedication, belief and hard work have paid off; the singer, songwriter and self-taught musician has enjoyed a successful 20-year career, and this is just the beginning.

"I started from rock bottom to pay my dues. I know who I am; I love what I do, and I use what I have. I'm on autopilot. I write and I play music to control my destiny."

Shaped by a menagerie of influences that resonate from the likes of Kiss, Elvis, The Beatles, Alan Jackson, Tom Petty, The Eagles and every glam metal band in between, Charles Parker's unique and contemporary sound is a meld of pop and rock dusted with a hint of Americana, folk and country blues.

"My heart is not in it to cater to a specific genre, nor put in a box. I just write in the moment and write what moves me. I hope my music lends itself to a greater audience, young and old, on any music channel."

Characterized by his grit, passion, perseverance and showmanship, the entrepreneurial musician writes daily and plays more than 100 dates a year. Complementing his solo work, the seasoned performer shares the stage as a member of various notable tribute bands covering tunes by The Beatles, Beach Boys, Kiss and more.

"I try to ‘hear' the audience when I look into their eyes to gain a personal understanding of how to interact with them. That's the key…the engagement and holding them there!"

Tapped for his music history knowledge and charisma to captivate the listener, Charles is host of "Rock School" (97 Underground); with over 140,000 listeners, the Baltimore-based show spotlights the best of hard rock and heavy metal around the world.

Charles released his debut album, BRING BACK THE SUN, in 2017; the 15-track project showcases infectious melodies and refreshing vulnerability. The title track ("Bring Back The Sun") charted at #81 on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart. Charles is in the studio recording a series of tracks set to rollout just "When Jesus Calls."